1991 Audi 200 quattro

Sold October 2010 @ 129k

Bamboo in color. Not so high visibility. Rather stealthy, in fact.

Came to me in October 1997 with 78,783 miles already on it. As far as I can tell, all original engine and transmission (except of course normal maintenance items like belts and plugs). Previous owners were a United pilot in Jackson, the service manager at the Audi dealer (yes!), and a Jackson realtor.

A few little dings on the door "character lines", a crease on the rear passenger door, but the original wheels are there, and the engine...

Out of the box, the car has a turbocharged/intercooled dual overhead cam 2.2 liter inline 5-cylinder engine (code 3B) rated at 217hp @5700RPM, 228lb/ft @1950RPM (at sea level). Bosch Motronic electronic fuel injection with electronic feedback control, oxygen sensor, selective knock-sensing electronic ignition. 5-speed manual transmission, Quattro all-wheel-drive with Torsen torque-sensing center differential. Ok, it still has the original engine (I've only chipped it) but I feel the need to play with some accessories:

Next-on-the-list in the future: Coming up in the more remote future: Pictures: (15-30K jpgs): The very helpful Quattro Mailing List page.

There is a 200q20v registry at s-cars - hmm, seems to be starting over with "registered" members.

There is also a 200q20v mailing list. [moved to audifans server]

News sites: audiworld (has a registry as well) and VWvortex

And the Audi newsgroup of course.

Pictures of other people's Audis

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